Photo printing

There are still many photo print centers that operate in offline mode only and their customers must come there to make their orders. We are not the first who offer online photo printing solution but we are those who offer SaaS platform for this. It means that being online is not expensive anymore and it is affordable for all-size businesses with various budgets. Implementation of own online solution for receiving printing orders online is usually time and budget consuming. We offer you not to develop your own system and instead you can just rent ours one that is already implemented and works. With help of PrintHub your typography can start accepting printing orders online in a minutes and very small effort is needed to begin. If you already have a running web site that lacks online orders functionality and you want to get it there then we also can offer you various integration ways. 

In our catalog we have allocated 3 products for photo printing. They are: classic photo printing, inkjet and dry-sublimation printing. We did this division because each printing process differs, it has own traits and different adjustments can be applied for each process. Other than that, each process has different pricing and usually time that is needed to complete it.

Chemical photo printing - is a chemical based process of producing a final image with help of special chemically sensitized paper. This is the most popular and widely used way of getting your photos printed.

Supported sizes:      9x13 10x15 13x18 15x20 20x25 20x30 28x36 30x40

Photo finish options: glossy luster 

Inkjet photo printing -is a process of producing photo with using professional inkjet photo printers. It Is widely used for outside and commercial printing because it is capable to handle wide formats up to A3. When using top professional photo printers the quality (sharpness, color accuracy and gamut range) of printed photos may exceeds the quality of photos created by classic approach but the price is usually higher and the longevity is usually shorter because of smaller sun and scratches resistance.

Supported sizes:      10x15 13x18 A5 A4 A3

Photo finish options: glossy luster

Colors count: from 4 to 12

Paper density from 100 to 260

Dye-sublimation photo printing - the process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. The sublimation name was first applied because the dye was considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage. Such printers are usually used in photo kiosks and self-service points because of their ability to long autonomy work without maintenance. The diversity of supported photo formats is limited to 2-3 most common sizes and the quality of printed photos is average. Usually this is the cheapest way of printing your photos because typography workers do not have to be involved in pinging process. 

Supported sizes:      10x15 

Photo finish options: glossy

Output image format and size for all photo products are fully configurable per typography and photo size. You can setup any image type and resolution that fits the best to your printing equipment.