About us

PrintHub - is a software company that is focused on printing solutions. Our goal is to automate and simplify printing processes to make them as simple as possible. We have strong skills in developing products for automating printing for B2B and B2C segments. Our online services connect printers and print centers to Internet and makes them capable to receive print jobs online.

Our products and services

PrintHub SaaS - a platform for receiving and processing online print orders. If your printing business needs getting print orders online you don't necessarily have to develop own solution from the scratch. Just get registered your center on PrintHub, configure landing page, choose supported products and prices and that’s it - your printing business is online.

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PrintHub cloud print - a product that allow you to print on your printers over web from anywhere. You can plug in any your printer to WEB and start printing and monitoring it over the Internet using PrintHub. All printers, including virtual are supported and no special cloud compliance is required from the printer.

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PrintHub vending- first class software for vending printing machines. Our revolutionary approach is capable to print any formats without installing any additional software on kiosk terminal. You just need Windows, Printhub.Vending app and connection to printhub cloud. All actual printing happens on server side and your kiosks receive already processed documents that is understood to the printer.

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